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Visual Arts

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Soup, Sip & Shop 2018

Thursday, November 15, 5-7pm 410 E Race Ave, Visalia, CA   Anyone and everyone is invited to a FREE gourmet meal! The Creative Center will be hosting the annual Soup, Sip & Shop event on Thursday, November 15 from 5-7pm at the Creative Center on 410 E Race Ave, Visalia, CA. This...


Art by Beverly McMahan: September 7-26

[embedyt][/embedyt] Beverly McMahan has been an artist for more than 30 years! The Creative Center proudly honors Beverly for her contribution to the arts. Her work is often representative and methodical, with digital-like qualities. She uses acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite and ink. The pieces on display during September's exhibition will show Beverly's diverse and long-lived artistic...

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The Grand Americana

          The Creative Center proudly welcomes guest artist Tristan Luke to its Jon Ginsburg Gallery for The Grand Americana exhibition! Tristan is a talented family man from Hanford who works in ink and gouache. His art is inspired by tattoo aesthetics and has a...


High School Art Showcase 2018

The High School Art Showcase is a prestigious exhibition hosted annually by the Creative Center in its Jon Ginsburg Gallery. The best work by young artists from Visalia, grades 9-12, is displayed in this competitive, professionally juried show. The top winners are announced at the...

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Photo Editing Class

Our Photo Editing Class led by Kevin Esquivel has been busy creating and designing various projects. The passion and enthusiasm of our students is evident in the sample of recent work done on campus. [gallery ids="22590,22591,22592"]...

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Photography Class

Our photography class is doing some amazing things with cameras and new software. Take a glance at the graphic art work produced by our clients. [gallery link="none" size="medium" ids="22137,22138,22139,22140,22141,22142,22143,22144"]  ...