Live Art Collaboration : Ampelio Mejia Perez
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Live Art Collaboration : Ampelio Mejia Perez

Live Art Collaboration : Ampelio Mejia Perez

The Creative Center is honored to feature the work of Ampelio Mejia Perez in its next exhibition, “At the Same Time”, from January 4-24. Ampelio earned his bachelor’s degree in studio art from CSU Chico and is currently the General Manager at the Arts Consortium. His art expresses wonderment about the relationship between time, matter, and religion. He does not limit himself in medium or style, yet his work is characteristically rhythmic, textural, and layered. 

During the opening reception on January 4 from 5-8pm, Ampelio will create a 3’x2’ collaborative collage with artists of the Creative Center. Raffle tickets for $10 may be purchased for a chance to win the finished product of this collaboration. Proceeds will directly benefit The Creative Center as well as the guest artist. This event is free and includes free refreshments. 


       Reception & Live Art Collaboration (Free event // Free food // Raffle $10 per ticket)

       5-8pm Friday, January 4th

               5pm – Live art-making by Creative Center artists

              6pm – Live art-making by Ampelio Mejia Perez

              7pm – Raffle announced (Winner takes the finished collaboration)

       Location: The Creative Center, 410 E Race Ave, Visalia, CA 93291


About the Collaboration

On January 4th from 5-7pm, during the opening reception of “At the Same Time”, guest artist Ampelio Mejia Perez will collaborate with several artists from the Creative Center. During the first hour, from 5pm to 6pm, artists from the Center will begin and finish their art pieces using various mediums such as paint, colored pencil, and Artstix. During the second hour, from 6pm to 7pm, Ampelio will construct a collage out of these completed pieces on a 3’x2’ canvas. The completed collaboration will be raffled off and go home with one lucky winner. Raffle tickets are $10 and can be purchased at The Creative Center or the Arts Consortium. Proceeds directly benefit The Creative Center and the guest artist.

About the Artist & His Work

Ampelio Mejia Perez was born in the high desert of Central Mexico. While living there, he wondered what might lie beyond those valley hills. Once far removed from his native village, he wondered about the goings-on there and the innumerable things he may never see or experience.

This persistent wonderment initiated his study of time, matter, religion, and their relationship to each other. Though he does not claim the title of “scientist” or “theologian”, Ampelio’s work hints at a such disciplines by comparing the “very large” and the “very small”. His work is characterized by overlapping, transparent elements which suggest that all things are connected, however separate they may seem.

Ampelio does not limit himself in medium or style, yet his work is consistently rhythmic and textural. It is infused with humanity and is sometimes humorous.

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