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Daphne N.

Daphne N.

Daphne has been a client at The Creative Center since 1996. She is an accomplished artist in several mediums. She loves to draw and uses watercolor, acrylics, and prisma colorstix to create works that depict her love of nature, landscapes and architecture. Daphne is also a skilled ceramicist. She has completed several one-of-a-kind sculptures. Art enthusiasts from our community have added many of Daphne’s ceramic pieces to their collection.
In addition to her talent as a visual artist, Daphne has acted in many of our Performing Arts Department shows. She has also played a key role in theater productions as a behind-the-scenes stagehand.

Daphne has been active in People First and has served as their representative on The Creative Center board of directors.


May 18, 2016


Visual Arts