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Maria H.

Maria H.

When Maria began attending The Creative Center in 1990 her love of art quickly launched her to the status as one of our most successful artists. Many of the annual Holiday cards have been Maria’s designs. She has mastered various mediums from watercolor to acrylics, ceramics and more recently, creating exciting pieces in fused glass. Her style is uniquely her own and a favorite among Creative Center patrons.

In addition to her talent as a visual artist, Maria loves performing arts. She has graced the stage in several productions as one of the leading actors. However, more recently Maria has played a valuable role as the lighting technician for our performances.

Maria lives with her family in Tulare, CA and attends The Creative Center only three days a week so she may work part time at the Visalia office of CVRC (Central Valley Regional Center). As a consumer advocacy specialist, Maria speaks to groups across the State, promoting rights for adults with developmental disabilities.


May 18, 2016


Performing Arts, Visual Arts