Sofa Art Goes to Comic Con: April 5th
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Sofa Art Goes to Comic Con: April 5th

Sofa Art Goes to Comic Con: April 5th

The Creative Center is proud to host the 24th Annual Sofa Art Show. Artists of all ages and abilities from the community are encouraged to submit their art!


The Sofa Art Show is an annual art exhibition featuring imagery or references to sofas. Each year, it is accompanied by a different theme. The show began 24 years ago under the leadership of  Varian Mace and Lucy Merritt, who were Visalian artists. Sofa Art was a satirical and humorous response to an article which “bemoaned the local art scene”, stating that Visalians “only buy art to match their sofas”. Mace assigned her COS students the task of creating an art piece with one stipulation: it must include a sofa. The pieces were exhibited in the very first Sofa Art Show. It has since become a favorite annual event in which artists of all ages and abilities participate.

All art in this exhibition includes a sofa is some way:

  • A sculpture of a sofa
  • A painting ON a sofa
  • A drawing of a character on a sofa
  • An abstract piece inspired by the form of a sofa


This year’s theme explores the world of comic books, anime, manga, cartooning and illustration. Comic illustration is extremely diverse, ranging from manga (rooted in the tradition of Japanese printmaking), to the Pop Art movement, to iconic creations by DC Comics and Marvel. Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from the theme in whatever way most helps their creative process. Here are a few examples of art inspired by the theme “Comic Con”:

  • Art in the illustrative style of manga or anime
  • Art in the illustrative style of Western or American comic books or cartoons
  • Art inspired by Pop Art, such as art by Roy Lichtenstein
  • Art with a composition inspired by a comic book page layout


Artists of all ages and abilities may submit their art in accordance with the rules. Click here to view the rules.  Art can be submitted to The Creative Center office on 606 N. Bridge St, Visalia, CA 93291, which is located next to the gallery. Submission fee is $6 per art piece. Drop off art during office hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm. The Center is closed on Monday, February 18.

5-8pm, April 5th
The Creative Center’s Gallery
410 E. Race Ave., Visalia, CA 93291

The opening reception of “Sofa Art Goes to Comic Con” will take place at The Creative Center’s Jon Ginsburg Gallery. Admission to the event is free and includes free refreshments. Meet the artists. See comic book illustrators making live art. Have your caricature drawn. Bring your friends and vote for your favorite art piece.

At 6:30pm the Cosplay Costume Contest will take place and costs $10 to compete. Proceeds support the Creative Center and its artists. Cosplayers will have a chance to talk about themselves, their character and their costumes, and will then be judged on:

  1. Craftsmanship and quality of costume
  2. Accuracy of character

Anyone can sign up early by calling 559-733-9329 or messaging @CreativeCenterVisalia on Facebook or Instagram. Last chance to sign up is 6:00pm during the event on April 5th. Prizes provided by DJ’s Collectible Shoppe in Hanford!

At 7:30, two art awards will be announced. The People Choice Award is determined by the majority of votes cast by the attendees of the reception. The Creative Center’s Favorite Award will be determined by the majority of votes cast exclusively by clients of The Creative Center. 


Any questions regarding this event may be directed to Stevi Daniels, the Art Marketing Coordinator.
Phone: 559-733-9329

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